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When choosing a dermatologist it is easy to see why Dr. Tauscheck and his staff are a step above the rest. Dr. Tauscheck's diverse background and experience in medicine gives him a wealth of knowledge regarding the management of both common and unusual skin disorders. 

The skin is the mirror of the body and often reflects signs of other disorders, such as systemic diseases. Dr. Tauscheck's greater than 20 years of experience as an emergency room physician provides experience outside the usual training, education, and experience of most dermatologists. This experience allows him to continue his passion for tackling complex medical problems. He is competent to diagnosis such diseases as connective tissue disorders (i.e. lupus erythematosus) skin manifestations of infectious diseases, (i.e. blastomycosis) MRSA and other unusual infections sometimes seen in patients who have traveled to endemic world wide locations.

Medicine is an ever changing science as new research and clinical experience broadens our knowledge. Changes in treatment and investigation are required. Dr. Tauscheck and his staff actively participate in clinical research activities, lecture series, and educational forums, keeping abreast of the latest and innovative therapies and technologies for treating skin diseases.